5 easy ombre nail designs to try at home

Can’t decide between two nail polish shades? An ombre manicure is the perfect solution.

There are so many beautiful nail trends to try, including many that are easy to do yourself. You only have to look so far as the gradient nail trend of 2020, or even shell nails, which our beauty director tipped as the manicure to take over social media.

Or, if those nail designs aren’t your thing, there’s inspiration galore to be taken from the black French manicure, skinny French manicure and 1960s inspired swirl nails all over our social feeds, instead.  

Another frequent Instagram and Pinterest choice is ombre nail design. This trend involves creating a seamless gradient between two (or sometimes, more) colours on your nail. While achieving the blend might seem difficult, it’s actually pretty easy to do yourself and requires one item most likely sitting in your make-up collection right now: a small eyeshadow brush.

How to do ombre nails at home

To achieve ombre nails, swipe one nail colour on one half of your nail. Then, apply your other colour to the other half. Before the nail paint dries, gently dab your brush across the point where the two colours meet to blend the two together and create a blurred line. 

Need a little more guidance? Celebrity nail artist Jenni Draper shows you exactly how in this tutorial:

Beauty sponges are also great at blending out the two colours but it’s worth noting, ombre nails work better with sponges that are more densely packed (i.e. have a tighter or closer texture). Using a porous sponge could leave tiny imprints behind when you go to finish your manicure. Not ideal. 

Feeling inspired? Here, we’ve rounded up five easy nail designs you can copy at home – and remember, any shade goes…

5 ombre nail designs to try

  • Cotton candy ombre

  • Classic French mani ombre

  • Vertical colour clash ombre

  • Sunset-inspired ombre

  • Monochrome ombre

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