Arnold Shared How He Motivates Himself to Work Out When He’s Facing a Physical Setback

When the going gets tough, Arnold Schwarzenegger turns to others to fuel his drive.

In his new newsletter, Schwarzenegger recognized Miles Taylor, a 26-year-old strength athlete with Cerebral Palsy who’s crushed stereotypes about fitness. Schwarzenegger said it’s athletes like Taylor that inspire him when he’s struggling to grind through a workout.

“You don’t have to deadlift twice your bodyweight to get started, just start moving more,” he wrote. “Just a week ago on reddit, I saw a post of one of the adaptive athletes at the Arnold Sports Festival doing stone lifting with one arm! He had to change the technique, but he did it!”

“And for all the gym owners and fitness professionals out there, it is so important that you find ways for everyone to be able to succeed,” he continued. “Make your gyms accessible, and be inclusive. Fitness is for everyone. Give everyone a place to train and compete.”

The former governor of California also wrote about how he maintained motivation and focus in his 20s, a period of his life devoted to fitness. He said it was his detractors at the time that so often fueled him. “When people think your vision is too much, that’s a sign that you are on the right track. Once you have the vision, it takes reps, reps, reps. You have to do the work. And you might have a job right now to make ends meet while you chase your vision.”

Finding inspiration in his friends, too, helped give him drive. “I always say I’m not a self made man,” he wrote, “and if I didn’t have my friends like Franco Columbu or Sly Stallone to push me to be the best version of myself, then you would not be reading this newsletter right now, and I would be yodeling in Austria.”

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