Here’s The Real Reason Your Hair Gets Greasy So Fast

Hair washing has quickly made the list of things many of us try to put off. Especially for women, the process of washing, brushing, and drying can take a good amount of time from start to finish. So, it’s natural that many of us want to prolong our last shampoo session. But a daily habit could be to blame for your greasy strands.

Mindbodygreen reports that over-brushing your hair could be the culprit that’s responsible for the greasy shine on your strands. Especially for those with wavy and straight hair, oils that accumulate on the scalp can more easily traverse down these strands rather than on coarse hair, the outlet notes. When you brush your hair, you effectively move the oil from one end of your hair to the other — making your mane look greasy in the process.

Hairstylist Franck Izquierdo, co-founder of IGK Hair Care, tells the outlet that, “Brushing your hair while it is dry or running your fingers through your hair moves the oil down the hair shaft, which can make hair look more oily.” Think of your brush’s bristles as carriers for your scalp’s natural oils. Avoiding brushing more than once a day can help with this issue — especially if your hair naturally lays flat.

Too much brushing can also increase oil production

If you’ve ever studied the scalp, you likely know how important it is to keep the skin on your head clear and stimulated. But when you brush from top to bottom too frequently, this action can actually spur more oil production, Cosmopolitan reports. To avoid the greasy look, stick to combing out the ends of your mane first and only making your way upwards if you have to.

Beyond just brushing too often, any type of overstimulation can lead to oily hair. Your seemingly harmless habit of running your fingers through your hair can leave your strands feeling greasy and overprocessed, according to Cosmopolitan. Transferring oil and particles from your hands to your hair or touching your mane too frequently can be a recipe for another trip to the shower.

Plus, your tools may be part of the problem, since a dirty hair brush is a magnet for oils, Cosmopolitan explains. Beyond just the build up of old products, your brush also gathers old hairs that maintain the same level of oil as the strands on your head. When you run the bristles through your strands, they carry those same particles that stood on your old strands. In other words, you’ll be transferring old grease onto your clean hair.

Who knew that such a simple act could be making your mane a grease magnet? Cut back on your brushing habit if it’s taking up too much time and adding too much grease. 

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