How to do 'underlighter' – the trick to make skin look lit from within

Lit from within’ makeup is always going to be desirable, because it gives skin a healthy and radiant look.

We’re used to applying light-catching products, like highlighter, over the top of all other makeup to achieve this.

But actually, if you want to look lit from within surely it makes more sense to apply glow givers under anything else that follows?

This is what underlighting is about.

Dominic Skinner, global senior artist at MAC Cosmetics, demoed the technique, writing on Instagram: ‘Forget #Highlighter, try #Underlighter!

‘Illuminate your skin before applying a powder foundation to add a #LitFromWithin #Underlit #Glow.’

Calling the effect ‘velvet skin’ – like in the way velvet lights up as the material moves – he shows you should start with a glowy base primer.

Doing this will not only hydrate the skin before powder goes on top, but it’ll give your whole canvas a shine boost.

Then, on the points you want to bring extra dimension to, take a powder highlighter like MAC’s Double Gleam (which has a strong icy reflect) and apply it like normal.

Dominic applies this the most on his cheekbones, then takes a lighter dusting over the bridge and point of his nose and then even less on his forehead.

Next he takes a powder foundation and, even though it’s a less popular foundation format, it works perfectly for this technique.

In the comments he recommends applying it with a ‘fluffy brush to get it on and buff it out’, which means you’ll get a lighter touch than if you use a dense brush.

The result is that the foundation gives coverage without taking away from the highlighting products. They still shine through in a subtler way, so you’re left with a natural radiant finish.

This ‘makeup in reverse’ hack, as he calls it, was met with people saying they’d try it after ‘loving’ how it appears to work.

One person wrote: ‘One of my favourite makeup tips. Been doing this a lot recently and I love it’.

Even better, it avoids the risk of having highlighter stripes across your cheeks.

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