Lizzo's Makeup Artist Walks Us Through Her Beauty Evolution, From "Tempo" to the Grammys

Lizzo’s Makeup For Her Joshua Tree Photo Shoot

Love looks better in color, and Lizzo is all about wearing her heart on her sleeve — or her face, to be more precise. Since she first topped the charts in 2019, the “Cuz I Love You” singer has been serving up A+ looks that have had many of us texting the group chat to ask, “Can I pull this off?” In an interview with POPSUGAR, Lizzo’s makeup artist Alexx Mayo broke down the singer’s mood-inspired beauty evolution over the years and shared a few secrets about what went into creating each colorful look.

“I remember the first time I worked with her, the direction for makeup was to be ultranatural, almost like no-makeup makeup,” he told POPSUGAR. Pretty soon, the pair got more experimental: “There’s so many more crayons in the crayon box to color with, and we definitely like to color with everything in the box.”

The key to achieving gorgeous beauty looks time after time, even after years in the beauty industry, is not being afraid to try new things. “The really, really great thing about working with Lizzo is that she really has a lot of trust in us, and she really loves to see our vision come to life, and she’s really up for anything,” he said. “She almost becomes the character; whatever hair and makeup we get her, she just becomes that. And I think that that’s really the fun not only that we have, but the fun in makeup and playing with different colors and hair.”

Keep reading to see all the behind-the-scenes secrets Mayo had to spill about Lizzo’s “good as hell” beauty looks.

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