MAC is launching their first ever gender fluid line with Harris Reed

MAC Cosmetics brings out a range of limited edition collections each year, but this is the first time it has collaborated with a designer to unveil a gender-fluid collection.

Harris Reed is the name behind the collab – an LA-bred but now London-based designer working with the likes of Harry Styles and Solange Knowles.

MAC said the collection aims to be ‘a celebration of gender fluidity, unapologetic self-expression, acceptance and inclusivity’ – things that consumers are increasingly looking for in the products they buy.

Muses for the colour story used in the limited edition pieces range from Renaissance paintings through to music icons David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

There’s also a 70s feel, with MAC’s Director of Makeup Terry Barber saying: ‘Harris has curated a range of products based on their updated vision of glam rock and dandyish dressing.

‘Think 70s-inspired eye colours gilded with liquid gold, cherubic cheeks with a
golden glow and the most perfect mix-and-match tones for an easy stained lip,’ he adds.

One of the most prettily packaged parts of the collection are the Cream Colour Base palettes, which make for super easy application with fingers or a brush and can act as multi-purpose products across the eyes, cheeks and lips.

It’s a formula many MUAs have demoed before, such as Nic Chapman.

The limited run will comprise of three new lipstick shades, two Cream Colour Base palettes, an eyeshadow palette with nine shades, and an eye kohl.

Prices range from £16 to £28.

Speaking of the collection, Harris says: ‘It was so important to me to create a [collection] that feels accessible to people because they are not intimidated by it.

‘I wanted everyone to understand it: men, women, non-binary individuals, anyone in the in-betweens should feel that it can be a staple part of their life.’

The collection launches on February 18 at Selfridges, Brown Thomas and MAC Cosmetics.

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