'Shop your stash' to get more out of your makeup without spending a penny

Shopping your stash avoids needless spending on makeup – and means you you can revisit old favourites.

It’s so easy to be tempted by a new eyeshadow palette or lipstick, especially at this time of year in which sales are galore.

But do you already have a similar shade at home collecting dust, or last season’s palette you’ve hardly used?

The likelihood is you don’t need that new sparkly thing. Sure, we all love treating ourselves, but are you just neglecting other perfectly good items?

This is where ‘shopping your stash’ comes in.

What is shopping your stash?

It involves looking through your entire makeup collection and considering each piece, reminding yourself of all the colours and finishes you have.

Once you’ve done that, you select items you want to use more (the ones you’ve likely not given enough love to) and move them somewhere more visible, so you prioritise using them when you do your makeup.

The great thing with this is you use up things before they expire, and you can get more makeup looks out of what you already have.

Of course, it goes without saying, don’t use expired products. If it smells different or the texture as changed, chuck it.

How do you shop your stash?

See this as a ‘shopping experience’ – all within your makeup bag. So lay products out on a table, and let yourself clearly look at everything.

For example, in your most eyed eyeshadow palette, are there a few shades you never use and shy away from?

Or is there a lipstick you ‘save for special occasions’, but actually just never pick up?

Is there an old blusher you used to love but forgot about?

Challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone and try those lesser used colours and you’ll get a new ‘look’ without buying anything.

You’ll likely rediscover something ‘new’ you enjoy using or applying – something that had been sitting there all along.

The key is to do this fairly often, perhaps every season, so you’re refreshing the items you reach for the most and make sure your entire collection is getting used.

Even better, it’ll make you appreciate what you already own and may even help you avoid spending on new makeup.

Tempted by something new?

Go through your stash and compare that new product to what’s already in front of you – you might find you already have something similar.

More isn’t always more – sometimes what you need is already there.

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