These Trends Are Officially Cheugy — Try These Instead

It was only a matter of time before Gen Z took to TikTok to make another bold statement — but this time, they literally made a new word: cheugy. For those who don’t know, “cheugy” (pronounced chew-ghee) refers to outdated trends (i.e., skinny jeans and side parts) that mark the non-trendy way. But most notably, the trends deemed as “cheugy” are also the ones that were most popular among the Millennial generation.

Fear not, dear reader — ET Style is here to help you stay on top of your game. We took to the most popular platform among Gen-Zers, TikTok, to read up on what’s cool and what’s, well, cheugy. For a crash course in what some have called the “cheug life,” TikTok user @rod gives the lowdown. “Basically anyone who exudes #Girlboss energy,” he says in his post. “If you wear Ugg boots, you might be a cheug. Giant scarves that you can also use as a blanket: cheugy.” 

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