This Lying Lateral Raise Will Sculpt Your Shoulders

Tricky, taxing, tough. We’re used to these adjective being associated with shoulder workouts. But, “vicious”? Well, that’s exactly how celebrity trainer Don Saladino, NASM describes the exercise he recently showed off on Instagram: the lying side raise.

The lying side raises addresses a key form problem people often have with the classiclateral raise. Very often, people lean forward when they bring the weights down during lateral raises, then rock backwards when they actually raise the weight, taking emphasis off their deltoid muscles. It also leads people to use heavier weights than their delts can actually handle, inviting shoulder injuries.

You can’t rock as easily during the lying side raise variation, though, so you’ll keep greater tension on your delts, the muscles you’re actually trying to develop. “[The] entire focus is to create as much tension as possible in the area [you’re] trying to isolate,” Saladino writes in the Instagram post showing off the exercise.

To set up for the lying side raise, you’ll need either resistance bands connected to an anchor point near the floor, or a cable machine with two cables relatively close together.

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