Watch This Bodybuilder Try to Keep Up With Chris Heria in the Gym

Bodybuilder and YouTuber Jesse James West frequently tries workouts outside his own area of expertise, like the time he recently joined strongman-turned-fighter Thor Bjornsson for a gym session—and volunteered to get punched in the chest. His latest challenge video is a little less masochistic, following him as he flies to Miami for a day of training with calisthenics athlete and absolutely shredded fitness influencer Chris Heria.

The first thing Heria does before they start their workout is put West in a weighted vest.

“When you train, it mentally strengthens you as well,” says Heria. “Normally you keep going like, ‘I feel like giving up,’ but you wear those excuses on you… I’m not going to give up even though I’ve got this on me— all those doubts, that’s all the weight in there. Everyone doubting me, that’s the weight I’m wearing on my chest.”

After some cardio on the treadmill, Heria starts to coach West through one of his go-to calisthenics circuit workouts, including staple bodyweight moves like pushups and pullups, as well as hanging leg raises and pistol squats, each performed in sets of 10 for 10 rounds.

Then it’s time for a round of resistance training, including barbell curls, hammer curls, and cable pulldowns, before hitting the sauna. But it doesn’t stop then. From there, they travel to another workout space, where West can give his best shot at two of Heria’s other passions: skateboarding, and boxing.

While he pretty much fails to pop a single Ollie on the board, despite a lot of confidence and enthusiasm, West is undeterred when it comes to their boxing training. “I’m down to try everything, let’s go,” he says. “I’ve never done anything like this; a lot more meticulous and minuscule things that I would never have guessed to learn, but it’s quite fun.”

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