What is microneedling? The radio frequency treatment posing a threat to face lifts

On top of the anti-ageing benefits, this can help with the likes of acne scarring, pigmentation, rosacea and loose skin.

However the Morpheus 8 device goes one step further by using radio frequency to achieve deeper fractional remodelling in the tissue beneath the surface of the skin.

In other words, it’s a supercharged version of the original treatment, stimulating additional elastin production with little to no thermal damage.

Daily Star Online tried out the treatment first hand and suffice to say we were thoroughly impressed.

After a quick consultation about our skin type, a numbing cream was applied to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

However, it is worth pointing out that this isn’t the kind of facial that is gong to leave you feeling relaxed and zen – instead, its all about the results.

While we certainly weren’t in any pain, the process isn’t particularly comfortable, with a sensation comparable to a small elastic band pinging against the skin.

Still, the whole thing is over and done with in around ten minutes, so it’s completely manageable.

Afterwards we were left with a red, slightly sensitive face, but this is completely normal and to be expected.

The following morning we were back to normal, so the treatment doesn’t require extensive downtime, but we wouldn’t recommend going out straight from the clinic.

As for results, we started to see the benefits after a couple of weeks.

Since we don’t have deep wrinkles, the biggest benefit we noticed was in regards to skin tone.

Old patches of sun damage and scars from our spotty teen years were reduced and the teeny bumps – known as milia – that were dotted around our cheeks were all but gone.

In terms of aftercare, we were advised to stay away from potent active ingredients in skincare, such as acids and retinol, and to ensure we were wearing SPF every day.

A couple of months later our skin still looks more radiant and even, so it’s safe to say the benefits from this treatment last longer than most facials.

If you’re reluctant to go under the knife but want to firm, plump and improve the clarity of your skin, we’d wholly recommend the Morpheus 8 at Dr Medispa.

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