35-Year-Old Virgin Turns to Dating Show to Get Lucky

A 35-year-old virgin is lookin’ for love, so naturally she went on a dating show hoping to lose her, umm … status — but never assume a happy ending. Yes, that’s a double entendre.

Sonali Chandra decided to try to find her Mr. Right by appearing on Lifetime’s “5 Guys A Week” … where she got to live with, and date, 5 different men, eliminating them as the days go on. Pretty good odds for her, you’d think.

Sonali admits her dad didn’t allow her to date while growing up in a strict Indian household — which explains why she’s made it to her mid-30s without going all the way.

Anyway, things heated up between Sonali and possible match Erik during her week on the show … a little too hot, apparently. You gotta see this clip showing just how awkward things got when Erik had to give her a lesson on how those pesky boners work!!!

Sonali ended up choosing Erik to be her mate, but things changed once the cameras were gone — she tells TMZ they’ve split up.

As for Sonali’s V-card??? We won’t beat around the bush … it’s still firmly in place. However, if you wanna watch her full episode, you can do it here.

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