‘A lot of smiling crocodiles!’ Saira Khan aims swipe at Loose Women panel after show exit

SAS Who Dares Wins: Saira Khan recalls ‘funny moment’

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Saira Khan, 51, took to social media this weekend to defend her former co-star Coleen Nolan. The ex-Loose Women presenter, who left the show in early 2021, also took a swipe at the other panellists. 

Saira stood up for Coleen, 56, after recent reports, which have since been denied, claimed that many of her co-stars had refused to work with her on the ITV programme.

The star took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the programme with her 291,000 followers. 

On her story, she revealed that it was her understanding that Coleen “is not the problem”, while claiming at the same time that there are “a lot of smiling crocodiles on that show”. 

Sharing a picture of the article in question, which Coleen has since said is entirely false, Saira called out the claims and her former colleagues, without specifying who she was referring to. 

In the caption she wrote: “Having worked on this show #Loosewomen, I can tell you for a FACT it’s not @coleen_nolan that is the problem here.

“Ganging up on another woman like this in public is disgraceful. 

“There are a lot of smiling crocodiles on the show that fool the public for their own gain. 

“So please don’t be fooled by the [expletive].”

She later added: “When your mate is being unfairly treated. Step up for them. That’s what mates do!

“Don’t watch by the sidelines and be scared to speak up because you are worried about what others will think if you get involved. 

“Grow a pair and do the right thing. That’s what loyalty, integrity and sincerity is all about.”

This is not the first time Saira Khan has alluded to the idea that not all of the Loose Women panellists are the best of friends.

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In an interview with Platinum magazine in July 2021, she admitted: “TV became too toxic.”

“We are paid to be feisty as that’s what makes good telly. I left on my terms.”

She continued: “People think you’re best friends with everybody on Loose Women.

“You’re absolutely not! You have to just tolerate [some people] because you’ve got to get the job done.”

Saira went on to slam the “big drama” caused by leaving a Loose Women WhatsApp group or unfollowing someone on social media.

She added to Platinum magazine: “This whole thing about leaving a group or unfollowing somebody, it’s such a big drama. 

“It’s like ‘Guys, get a grip!'”

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on ITV.

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