A Place In The Sun newcomer Leah Charles King on ‘lonely condition’ after diagnosis

Leah Charles-King reveals ‘change of plans’ during filming

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A Place in the Sun presenter Leah Charles King has revealed that she thought her “career was over” after she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She revealed to Express.co.uk about the “lonely condition” in order to raise awareness for others going through the same thing.

I was so ashamed.

Leah Charles King

Leah admitted that when she was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder she “hid it”.

She penned: “I only came out as I call it, I call it my big coming out about 2 years ago.

“I was so ashamed and I was petrified actually. I couldn’t think of anything worse than bipolar because you know what if you have anything else people will give you sympathy and they will wrap you up in love.”

She continued: “When you’ve got a mental illness you are very much left alone and it’s already such a lonely condition and I just hid it.

“I was hiding a big part of myself and when I came out it was the most empowering thing I’ve ever done and I’ve never looked back since.”

She is very open in sharing her “reality” of the illness in order to show people “there is life after diagnosis”.

Leah added: “I thought my career was over after I was diagnosed.

I have my dream job.

“I want people to understand that they can go back to full time work, you can do it.

“But you will have to set certain parameters and certain routines to keep your well being in check and that for me is the most important thing.”

With A Place in the Sun, filming days can be very different which can cause Leah much distress, but after getting help she is able to monitor her bipolar and seek help when needed.

She hopes those who watch her on A Place in the Sun will take away that there is life after diagnosis and she is a shining example of that.

Leah is an ambassador for Bipolar UK and she hopes her new role will promote awareness for the health issue.

In Express.co.uk’s exclusive interview Leah revealed that one episode of the show takes over a week to film, meaning the same clothes need to be worn for a week.

Leah admitted: “People say, ‘You look so glamorous’, I reply thank you but it takes a lot to get me looking like this.

“Because of continuity I’ve got to look the same every day so hair, makeup, whatever I have got to get up at a certain time.

“So, for me that is the hardest thing and I’m just being honest.”

Before Leah got into presenting she used to be in a girlband with her cousins called Kleshay.

This gave the presenter the opportunity to support Lionel Richie on tour and she was even a backing singer for George Michael once the band parted ways.

She also started her presenting career on CITV, then moving to late night casino shows on ITV.

You can watch A Place in the Sun weekdays on Channel 4 from 4pm.

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