Abbey Clancy can’t leave her kids with anyone else because she doesn’t trust people

Abbey Clancy says she doesn’t trust just anyone alone with her children.

The mum-of-four, 33, spoke exclusively to OK! magazine about juggling her mummy duties and her career.

Abbey, who welcomed her baby boy Jack just four months ago, says she relies heavily on her mum Karen, 59, to help look after Jack as well as Sophia, eight, Liberty, four and Johnny, one.

She said: “I literally couldn’t do what I do without my mum, she’s helped me so much. If I didn’t have her help I’d be in a terrible position! I don’t leave them with anyone.

"For people who don’t have a good family support system around them, it must be so hard to leave your baby with a stranger and trust them.”

She added that she understands why some people don’t have the benefit of a family member to lean on, and joked that her mum is not as strict as her.

“I’ve got friends whose mums have passed away and they have to go back to work and they have to trust other people. There are great people out there but it’s hard and it’s scary. My mum loves them, and they like her being around because she’s probably not as strict as I am!”

However, Abbey doesn’t rule out occasionally hiring a babysitter but she confessed that getting one that can cope with four children is no easy task.

She said: “It’s hard getting a babysitter for four, so our nights out are few and far between!”

In the same interview Abbey admitted she has a favourite child, and said that her youngest child, baby Jack, has fitted into the family so easily.

“He’s just so good, he’s slipped in so easily. The other kids aren’t jealous of him. Johnny’s forever kissing him and he wants to hold him, it’s lovely. They love him. It kind of feels like we’ve never been without him, really.”

On the latest edition of Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV, Abbey’s husband Peter said they were happy to stop with just four children. Hosts Gordon Smart and Laura Whitmore asked him if he and Abbey were finished with having kids, to which he firmly replied: “Oh 100%!”

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He went on to joke that their big family is due to Abbey being able to pull it off so effortlessly. “It’s her fault I think, she still looks great!”

Abbey rose to fame when she served as a contestant on Britain’s Next Top Model in 2006, and she became a WAG when she married the now former England footballer Peter Crouch in 2011.

Continuing with her modelling career, she’s fronted many major brands, gone on to present the same show that put her in the public eye and of course won Strictly Come Dancing in 2013.

To read Abbey's full interview, pick up the new issue of OK! magazine – out nationwide on Tuesday.

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