Alan Titchmarsh’s wife worried about his TV workload as he’d ‘rather wear out than rust’

Alan Titchmarsh discusses the benefits of gardening in lockdown

Gardening expert Alan Titchmarsh has revealed that his wife Alison worries about his TV workload, in a new interview. The 71-year-old television star, who shows no sign of stopping and hosts weekly series Love Your Weekend, admitted that he needs to “slow down”.

The presenter said he finds it hard to say no to work opportunities, telling this week’s Radio Times that he would rather “wear out” rather than “rust”.

However, he has decided that his work must be close to home as he doesn’t like to spend too much time away from his family.

Father-of-two Alan lives in Hampshire with Alison.

The couple, who are parents to grown-up children Polly and Camilla, have been married for 45 years.

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Speaking to the publication, Alan said: “I keep saying that I need to slow down and try to be better at saying no, but I’d rather wear out than rust.

“My wife worries a bit that I do too much,” he candidly added.

Trying to balance his work and home life better, the television host and author said he implemented a new “rule”.

“I now have a rule that I’ll only spend one night away from home because I like being with my family too much,” he said.

During the chat, Alan also spoke about a recent accident which left him immobile for several weeks.

The radio star slipped on some wet grass and broke his ankle.

He had to use crutches for more than a month, which meant he was unable to work in his garden.

He also had to rely on the help of others to do simple tasks like making a cup of tea.

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The broadcaster was particularly annoyed by the fact that he piled on the pounds, after previously losing a stone in weight due to his very active lifestyle.

The presenter is “very cross” with himself following the incident and did not enjoy relying on others.

He found it really hard to sit back and rest and described himself as a “not a terribly good patient.”

This weekend’s episode of Love Your Weekend will see Alan welcome ITN’s Tom Bradbury and Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden to Hampshire.

They will enjoy brunch cocktails and celebrate champion racehorses.

The business woman said she had a “wonderful” time filming the programme.

“What a wonderful day that was. For lots of interesting weekend loveliness (and we all need a bit of that!) @TitchmarshShow is worth a watch.. but I would say that because I’m on it next week,” she wrote on Twitter earlier in the week.

Love Your Weekend airs Sunday at 10am on ITV.

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times – out now.

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