Alice Evans: ‘We are all starting to realize what life without Daddy will really be like’

What’s worse, a woman making her attachment to a man her entire personality, or a woman making her lack of attachment to a man her entire personality? Trick question, both of those types of women suck. As I was trying to wade through Alice Evans’ latest crap, it occurred to me that she was probably both types – when her marriage to Ioan Gruffudd was okay, she made “being Ioan Gruffudd’s wife” into her entire personality. Now that he’s gone, she’s made “scorned estranged wife” into her entire personality. What I’m saying is that this woman needs some f–king hobbies. Take a community college class! Volunteer at a local shelter! Join a book club! Anything to stop her from wallowing in her own web of lies and self-sustaining drama.

Anyway, at some point on Sunday or Monday, Alice called into the popular Kyle and Jackie O radio show in Australia. I suspect that she’s taking her bonkers act internationally because Ioan’s show Harrow films in Australia. Plus, Kyle and Jackie O are probably only a handful of radio hosts who actively want to interview her. In any case, Alice changed her story a bunch of times and called Ioan a coward and was generally messy as hell, per usual. After the interview, Alice posted this on Instagram:

Everybody was a bit low energy today. I feel like we are all starting to realize what life without Daddy will really be like, and we need to make plans to account for this.

I was on the Kyle and Jackie O show today. Jackie was incredible although I sensed Kyle was a little more on the fence about what was driving me. I can see that it’s easy for me to come a toss as a person who has been hurt and is angry and wants to hurt back. I don’t think that would be sufficient enough of a motive for doing this, if such was the case.

He asked me the same question most have been asking me: Why did you decide to do this? The question always trips me up because I try to be 100% honest in everything I do. And as far as thr ripple I’ve set off which has brought letters, emails, messages to me from all over the world saying they wish they’d had a voice… that makes me feel really proud of myself. Takes away the fear somewhat.

I think on a personal level, however I did it because I had no other choice. I was gagged, blinded and lies were being told about me. Lies that I was supposed to just accept, because I had no power.

When I spoke out on SM after almost six months of crying evey night, driving my friends round the bend it felt like somebody had lanced an enomsous cyst on my body, I could physically feel the pressure releasing. That’s so gross can’t think of a better way to explain it.

Thanks to those of you who are still supporting me. I love and will love you forever.

There’s nothing wrong with calling out a man who is telling awful stories about you, smearing openly and then telling you it’s your fault.

PS A last thought occurred to me. That this is very much about my husband’s choices, his behavior, not the man himself. For 20 years he made me very happy and when our little family came along I was the happiest I thought I could be. It’s just he wasn’t, it would now seem, and the way he chose to convey that to us lacked courage and caused way more pain than was necessary.

[From Alice Evans’ Instagram]

Again, she is absolutely a legend in her own mind. She absolutely believes that she’s speaking up for all women who refuse to be dumped and want to make their exes’ lives a living hell. She makes it sound like Ioan is the one who has been publicly raging at her and calling out her behavior, when really he has not issued one public statement whatsoever beyond the initial joint statement in January, right after Alice went bonkers on social media and accused him of abuse. Again, I’ve lost track of how many times her story has changed and how many different things she’s accused him of. I can’t help but wonder about this too: “I feel like we are all starting to realize what life without Daddy will really be like, and we need to make plans to account for this.” He did not leave his children, he left his wife. He clearly still wants to be in his kids’ lives, it’s just that Alice has been telling their daughters that daddy left ALL of them. And he left Alice in January, and she’s only now realizing that he’s not going to be around? My lord.

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