Anderson Cooper Is Not Planning on Giving Son Wyatt 'Pot of Gold' of Inheritance

Anderson Cooper is going to keep his son Wyatt grounded in reality and doesn’t plan on leaving him a “huge” amount of inheritance. The CNN host opened up about why he doesn’t intend to leave his son a “pot of gold” as a life lesson he can learn from. Despite the journalist having inherited his mother’s massive estate, Wyatt won’t be seeing much of it.

Why Anderson Cooper doesn’t want to leave his son money

Most people will not be able to relate to Cooper’s ordeal about leaving or not leaving his son with a big amount of inheritance. The Mole host was a guest on the podcast Morning Meeting where he opened up about the reason why he wasn’t going to pass a lot of money down to his son.

“I don’t believe in passing on huge amounts of money. I don’t know what I’ll have. I’m not that interested in money, but I don’t intend to have some sort of pot of gold for my son,” Cooper explained. “I’ll go with what my parents said, which is, ‘College will be paid for, and then you gotta get on it.’”

Although he comes from a wealthy family, he didn’t think he would get a lot of money due to the financial troubles he had seen growing up.

“I grew up watching money being lost and knowing it was being lost,” he added. “From a very young age, I was very aware of, ‘This is not me. This is something my mom has’ or ‘This is money my mom has, but it’s not money I’m going to have and I need to forge my own way.’”

Wyatt is a little social baby

Cooper’s son Wyatt is a little over a year old and he’s already sociable. The CNN star and his baby recently appeared on the cover of People magazine looking so adorable. For the cover story, Cooper revealed what his son does when interacting with other people.

“He does this thing where we go to a coffee place and he’ll walk around and look at people, and once they make eye contact with him he’ll laugh,” Cooper explained. “I love how he interacts with strangers and takes joy in them. I’m charmed by everything he does, annoyingly. And being there when he wakes up and taking him out of the crib, it’s just the best.”

Wyatt was born on April 30, 2020, and on an Instagram post where he revealed the birth of his son, Cooper also explained why his middle name was Morgan.

“He is named after my father, who died when I was ten. I hope I can be as good a dad as he was,” Cooper explained at the time. “My son’s middle name is Morgan. It’s a family name on my mom’s side. I know my mom and dad liked the name Morgan because I recently found a list they made 52 years ago when they were trying to think of names for me. Wyatt Morgan Cooper.”

Cooper recurrently shares photos of his son on his Instagram account.

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