Angelina Jolie Cleared to Sell Her Stake in Wine Biz with Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie got what she wanted — a judge just signed off on an agreement with her ex, Brad Pitt, to sell her stake in their rosé business.

We broke the story … Jolie filed docs in July asking the court to lift a restraining order on the transfer of their assets — which was put in place early in their divorce — so she could unload her interest in Nouvel, LLC, their French winery company.

According to new docs, obtained by TMZ, a judge signed off on Brad and Angie’s agreement to lift the restraining order — meaning they worked it out, and she has the green light to sell her part of the company to a third party.

And, it looks like that’ll be it for Brangelina … as far as their joint biz ventures are concerned.

BTW … Nouvel is the LLC started to operate the Provence chateau and vineyard the former couple bought in 2011 for a reported $60 mil.

Unclear how much it’s worth now, but we know Angelina has a prospective buyer on the hook for her portion of it.

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