Ant McPartlin’s ex Lisa Armstrong looks ‘glum’ on Ibiza trip with pals

EXCLUSIVE: Ant McPartlin’s ex-wife Lisa Armstrong looks ‘glum’ during getaway with girl pals on the party isle of Ibiza in midst of her bitter divorce battle over TV host’s £62m fortune

Ant McPartlin’s ex-wife Lisa Armstrong is seen looking glum during a short break in Ibiza as she gears up to finalise her multi-million-pound divorce settlement.

The Strictly Come Dancing make-up artist was with seven other girl pals on the party island to celebrate her niece’s 21st birthday.

But the 42-year-old seemed fed up as she spent much of the first day of her holiday deep in thought as the fallout from her divorce continues.

‘Lisa was Ibiza where everyone goes to party, but she seemed a bit glum and distracted,’ an onlooker told MailOnline. 

Ant McPartlin’s ex-wife Lisa Armstrong jetted off to Ibiza for a few days away with some girlfriends as they celebrated her niece’s 21st birthday on the party island

The Strictly Come Dancing make-up artist, 42, was seen on the beach as she puffed on a cigarette and sat on a sun lounger during the break amid her divorce from TV host McPartlin

Lisa was seen having her hair braided by one of the beach hawkers who walk up and down the beach offering their services to beach-goers for £15 each

‘Although she was with a group of girlfriends who were all laughing, joking and having a good time, Lisa seemed to have a lot on her mind.

‘She kept checking her phone and looked a bit fed up. But after a period her mood lifted and you could see her smiling and enjoying herself.’ 

Lisa is reportedly fighting for half of Ant’s £62million fortune and the two are expected to meet for the first time since their acrimonious split over the next few weeks. 

Although they were awarded a divorce in January they remain at logger heads over a final financial settlement.

Earlier this year it was reported that Ant was willing to pay wife Lisa £31million in Britain’s priciest celebrity divorce settlement in order to end their 12-year marriage amicably. 

But since then sources close to the pair say they have reached a stalemate and lawyers from both sides are now due to sit down with them in an attempt to resolve the matter with legal costs already having soared to £1.5million.

Ant and Lisa were set to go head to head at London’s Royal Courts of Justice last November, but he failed to show and was ticked off by the judge. 

He was then reported to be stunned when she prevented him from entering their former marital home to collect his belongings.

Lisa continues to live in the £2.3million property they once shared in west London, which she is also expected to receive. 

According to some reports, she is also seeking half of his future earnings and the total amount could result in a £155 million pay-out.

An onlooker said Lisa appeared distracted during the trip away and kept checking her phone

Lisa seemed a bit fed up during the time she spent at the beach, the witness said, as she reportedly is fighting her former husband for half of his £62 million fortune 

Lisa and her friends spent yesterday day relaxing by the pool or hitting the beach but as they chatted and relaxed in the Balearic sun, she appeared distracted.

In between napping on a sun lounger, the make-up guru who once worked on BGT with Ant, got up occasionally to smoke or check her mobile phone. 

As beach hawkers walked past offering their wares, Lisa paid one of them £15 to braid part of her hair.

Strictly’s chief make-up artist showed some of her own professional skills as she applied sun cream beneath her eyes. 

Lisa chose not to splash out on visiting Ibiza’s lavish clubs and restaurants, which are frequented by some of the world’s leading celebrities.

Instead the group stayed on the beach where they could sip £5 cocktails and dining at local bars where main courses cost under £10.

An onlooker said: ‘You would have thought that with all the money she’s already got and is about to receive, she would have gone to expensive places where the rich and famous go. We even saw her in a supermarket stocking up on drinks and snacks.

‘It just goes to show that at heart, she’s a down to earth girl and clearly a fighter because she’s gone through a hell of a lot.’

Earlier this year it was reported that Ant was willing to pay wife Lisa, seen with pals, £31m in Britain’s priciest celebrity divorce settlement in order to end their 12-year marriage amicably

But since then sources close to Lisa, pictured on holiday, say they have reached a stalemate and lawyers from both sides are will sit down with them in an attempt to resolve the matter

Since their divorce, Lisa and Ant they have battled over custody of their beloved dog Hurley, which they now share and have been involved in social media rows over his new relationship with Anne-Marie Corbett, the television presenter’s former PA.

Lisa also lost her backstage job on Britain’s Got Talent towards the end of last year after it was confirmed that Ant was returning to the ITV show following his 11-month hiatus from the spotlight when he battled to recover from alcohol and prescription pain killer addiction.

Four months ago, Lisa’s father Derek, 71, died following a battle with cancer. She helped nurse him through the last days of his life and was at his bed side when he passed away.

Ant is reportedly set to come face-to-face with his ex-wife Lisa Armstrong for the first time this year to hash out the final details of their divorce. The former couple pictured together in 2013

Since his split from Lisa, Saturday Night Takeaway host Ant has been dating Anne-Marie Corbett with the pair recently pictured taking their dogs for a walk in London (above)

She recently posted on social media a picture of him his younger years alongside a series of tear emojis: ‘4 months…. #dadda #myhero #love.’

A friend said: ‘She’s had one thing after another but you’ve got to hand it to her, she’s determined not to be defeated by all that’s happened. Hopefully Ibiza will help her make a fresh start so she can get on with her life and finally put the divorce matter to bed.’

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