Ashley Cain Fans Spot Late Daughter's Face In The Sky Above Him! Look!

Ashley Cain is “finding peace” from the sky just a couple of weeks after his daughter Azaylia’s tragic death.

On Tuesday, the 30-year-old athlete took to Instagram to share a screenshot a fan had sent him from the video he’d posted of his morning run. In the exact freeze frame, the fan pointed out a cloud formation high above him that looked a little like his child’s face.

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In an emotional caption about the image, the devastated dad opened up about how shocked he was to see Azaylia, who passed away following a brave battle with leukemia last month, in the sky. The Exes on the Beach alum explained:

“I’m finding a lot of peace in the sky at the moment. From beaming orange sky’s at night, to clouds that form my daughter’s face in the day. I’ve never paid too much attention to the sky, but now I look up to the heavens a lot to speak with my daughter, it’s like she’s showing me signs that she’s listening.”

Cain then concluded the post with how he believes his daughter has continued to be there for him throughout the grieving process, saying:

“So many of you have told me that she will always be watching over me and over the past few days, I really believe it. LETS GO CHAMP – I LOVE YOU”

Wow… We can only imagine how painful yet special a moment that must have been. Take a look at the emotional post (below):

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The new sign comes a day after the former footballer reflected on a beautiful sunset that he had thought was sent from his baby girl. Alongside a stunning pic of the orange horizon, Cain wrote:

“The heavens continue to shine orange for Azaylia. I love you princess, you’re forever in my heart. Keep smiling. Keep shining bright. I miss you. Daddy.”

A few moments later, though, the reality star uploaded an image of clear blue sky, adding:

“One minute later and gone. You couldn’t explain this. I love you baby.”

However, Cain later expressed how the view gave him a much-needed push to continue as he has been experiencing an unbelievable amount of anguish and sorrow as of late.

“That was the first time I’ve smiled since that day. The first time I’ve felt happiness since that day. She filled me with so much belief when she was here and she’s still doing it from the heavens above. I don’t know how you do it Azaylia but please keep on making us believe. Your legacy will live on and within that legacy you will help, inspire, strengthen and save so many lives. I’m proud of you champ. So, so proud.”

Meanwhile, girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee confessed how she saw “angels” and the letter “A” in the sky after asking her beloved kid if she could “do something magical in the sky tonight.” And Azaylia did just that! Take a look (below):

It is incredibly tough but amazing to see how Azaylia continues to touch people — especially her grieving parents. We continue to keep the family in our hearts as they find small moments with their late daughter and work through this difficult time.

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