‘Back with my papa’ Rod Stewart, 77, in tender reunion with daughter Ruby, 35

Rod Stewart and his daughter Ruby enjoy a tipple

Rod Stewart and his model and singer daughter Ruby catch up together as his USA tour continues

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Rocker Rod Stewart’s daughter Ruby, 35, is his child with former model Kelly Emberg, who is now a successful model herself.

Over the weekend, Rod and Ruby had an emotional reunion in Dallas, Texas after he played two shows in the state.

The wine was flowing during their time together, as one video clip posted to Rod’s page suggested.

“Well we’ve just started the tour, which is me in…” he began, before bursting out laughing, unable to continue, and burying his head playfully on his daughter’s shoulder.

Glamorous daughter Ruby finished his sentence, adding: “…in the United States of America, so you should come out!”

Rod posted the video clip to his Instagram page, noting sheepishly: “Perhaps I should have recorded my enthusiasm for the kick-off of the tour tonight BEFORE the glass of wine!”

Meanwhile Ruby has posted footage of the rocker playing with a large husky dog and sitting together with her, which she titled “Hanging with my papa Stew.”

Rod Stewart and daughter Ruby on Instagram

Rod Stewart and his 35-year-old daughter Ruby captured footage of themselves enjoying wine in the run-up to his next USA show, and published the latest memory they made together on Instagram

Rod Stewart larks around with daughter Ruby

Rod Stewart buries his head in his daughter’s shoulder after being a little too merry to finish his sentence, while the pair dissolve into uproarious laughter

Rod Stewart on stage

Rod Stewart has a packed concert itinerary ahead this year but is still drawing in the crowds with his lively, stamina-filled performances

Rod Stewart chills with his daughter’s dog

Rod Stewart’s daughter Ruby posted footage of him getting reacquainted with her husky during the pair’s emotional reunion

Rod Stewart in a throwback photo with his daughter Ruby

Rod Stewart and daughter Ruby pose together at a 2006 pre-Grammy Awards party, as seen in this throwback photo

Rod Stewart’s daughter Ruby on stage

Rod Stewart’s daughter Ruby is also a performing artist in her own right, and is seen here on stage in Nashville, Tennessee, as part of the group The Sisterhood

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