Banksy Tags Underground London Train With Masked Rats, COVID Commentary

Banksy isn’t so elusive in the time of coronavirus — the guy’s out and about in the open, tagging up public trains in London and his message is clear … wear a damn mask!

The mysterious graffiti artist — who’s known for some of the most elaborate paint jobs and publicity stunts around — pulled an awesome prank across the pond while riding London’s Underground.

Check it out … Banksy documented his latest work in an awesome vid, showing him infiltrating a busy train and getting to work beautifully tagging it.

You can’t really see his face all that well — he has a face mask and full PPE on to conceal his identity — but it’s wild that Banksy surfaced so overtly here.

He fooled the riders into thinking he was there to do business, and nobody gave him a hard time when he whipped out his paint can. Banksy proceeded to paint his signature sewer rats, only this time with a heavy COVID theme.

Some of them were wearing masks, some were sneezing snot across the windows — and of course, Banksy added some pop culture commentary by invoking a Chumbawamba hit that you haven’t heard in years.

Watch … it all makes sense in the end.

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