Ben Affleck & His Mom Christine Take His Kids To School On Beautiful Summer Day – See Pics

Doing the school run was a family affair for Ben Affleck on June 7, when his mom joined him, his son Sam, 7, and daughter, Seraphina, 10, in Los Angeles.

Ben Affleck, 46, manages to draw attention even when he does something that the average American parent does every day – the school run. But, on June 7, the Oscar-winner and two of his three kids, were joined by someone special – his mom, Christine Anne Boldt. The grandmother was all smiles as she joined Ben, his son Sam, 7, and daughter Seraphina, 10, as they headed to school in Los Angeles. The actor’s oldest child, Violet, 13, was not with them.

Ben and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, 47, are juggling their careers and co-parenting harmoniously, under the gaze of paparazzi and public scrutiny. Over on social media, on June 7, Ben promoted his latest project. He shared the premiere of the new Showtime series, City On A Hill, which officially doesn’t air on TV until June 16, but has been released early on YouTube. Ben – who is an executive producer on the crime drama set in early ‘90s Boston – tweeted, “Really excited for you all to see #CityOnAHill. Showtime just released the series premiere early and you can watch here.”

City On A Hill features a stellar cast that includes Kevin Bacon, 60, and Straight Outta Compton star, Aldis Hodge, 32. The two actors are the central characters in the drama that focuses on an Assistant District Attorney trying to work with an FBI agent to stop a family of armed car robbers.

While Ben may have been trying to promote his new project, fans seemed to be preoccupied with his old role, as Batman. Robert Pattinson, 33, will now be donning the cape but on Twitter, people refused to accept it. “Batfleck forever,” one person tweeted in response to Ben’s City On The Hill post.

“@BenAffleck Is #Batman and everyone knows it,” another person added. Some people were excited about Ben’s new project, though. One tweeted, “Super excited, been looking forward to this!!”

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