Bette Midler Unfazed by ‘Racist’ Allegations Over Her Tweet About Trump’s Black Supporters

The ‘First Wives Club’ actress has hit back at an ‘uptight’ pro-Donald Trump Twitter user, who dubs her a ‘bigot’ for suggesting the president paid African-American people at his rallies.

AceShowbizBette Midler doesn’t seem to show regret after being slammed as racist again. The 73-year-old actress/comedian has received backlash for criticizing black supporters of her mortal enemy President Donald Trump.

The “Hocus Pocus” star shared her theory that Trump paid African-American people to pretend to be his supporters and attend his rallies. She tweeted on Wednesday, July 24, “Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground’?”

People have since accused her of being racist as she suggested that black people can’t think for themselves. “Imagine, for one moment, that a conservative said this about blacks at a liberal event. It would be rightly called out as the nasty, divisive racism it is. Black liberals: this is what they *really* think about your ability to think for yourselves,” one responded to her remarks.

Actor Terrence K. Williams lashed out at her, “Hey Bette Midler you sound racist! @realDonaldTrump did not pay any black people to support him! We can think for ourselves. I never received a checked! Has anyone received a Check? I support the @POTUS for Free!”

Another added, “Bette Midler, how dare you make a blanket statement that black people can’t think for themselves & that they must be paid off if they don’t agree with you. Your statement is so condescending & racist. ‘From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.’ “

Someone else similarly commented on her post, “Bette Midler just said On July 24, 2019, that she thinks black men cannot think for themselves but are willing to be bribed. Bette Midler is saying it is all about the Benjamins for black men. She is the definition of a racist.”

While Bette has not directly responded to the racist accusations, she has hit back at a person who slammed her as “bigot” for her controversial tweet. The said person replied to another user who reposted Bette’s tweet and wrote along with it, “Oh, Robby my boy. You must’ve been watching with #BigotBetter @BetteMidler. Those who scream the loudest (and drop the most F-bombs)…..”

The Golden Globe winner and Oscar-nominated actress then shared a screenshot of the said tweet and wrote back, “As many as I feel like! Personally, I enjoy swearing. Why don’t you try it, you uptight…..ha!”

Many people have also come to Bette’s defense. “Isn’t it cute when Trumpers pretend to be oh so concerned about racial sensitivity?” one sarcastically commented on the troll. Another agreed with the veteran actress, “People who see what the Republicans are doing to the United States just naturally swear about it. They are destroying the US and also many women and children.”

Bette previously enraged people for comparing black people to oppressed women. She tweeted and deleted last October, ” ‘Women, are the n-word of the world.’ Raped, beaten, enslaved, married off, worked like dumb animals; denied education and inheritance; enduring the pain and danger of childbirth and life IN SILENCE for THOUSANDS of years. They are the most disrespected creatures on earth.”

She claimed that the “Women are the … etc” remark is a quote from Yoko Ono and then apologized for it. “Angrily I tweeted w/o thinking my choice of words would be enraging to black women who doubly suffer, both by being women and by being black. I am an ally and stand with you; always have. And I apologize,” she wrote at the time.

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