Billie Eilish Gets Flirty With Female Fan on Instagram Live

The ‘Therefore I Am’ singer appears to be blushing when having a conversation with the fan, who has been making it obvious about her obsession with the Grammy-winning artist.

AceShowbiz -When it’s now still impossible for performers to meet their fans face-to-face in concerts, Billie Eilish is making sure to greet her loyal followers regularly. The singer/songwriter has been treating her fans to live chats on Instagram, but one particular fan got a little extra delighted after their interaction.

Billie went on Instagram Live on Wednesday, January 27, during which she chose some selected fans to have a brief conversation with her. Viewers later noticed that she got flirty when a female fan named Chelssy appeared on the split screen.

The 19-year-old appeared to be blushing as Chelssy suddenly appeared on the screen while still fixing her hair. The fan also couldn’t contain her excitement, laughing shyly while covering her face with her hands.

And that wasn’t all. According to one of the viewers, Billie had a longer conversation with Chelssy than with other fans. The Grammy Award-winning artist allegedly also admitted that she’s visiting the girl’s Instagram page daily.

Chelssy herself shared a short clip of her interaction with Billie. “Went from having a fake made up live with her… To having a fr live with her,” the fan wrote on the video. “It’s actually her.” She additionally expressed her feelings in the caption which read, “No words. Head empty. In love.”

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Other fans of Bille and Chelssy’s followers can’t help gushing about the star and the fan’s cute interaction. “I CANT IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWINNNN PLEASE,” one commented on Chelssy’s post. Another said, “IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU CHELSSSY.” A third person wrote, “CONGRATS OH MY GOD.”

“I WAS SCREAMING,” a fourth one shared. Someone noticed that Billie was blushing during the Live conversation with the fan, “YOU CANNOT TELL ME Y’ALL DIDN’T SEE BILLIE BLUSHING…” Another person equally remarked, “you got her blushing and s**tt.”

Chelssy has been making public her obsession with the “Bad Guy” hitmaker. In one of her older posts shared on January 21, she expressed her eagerness to appear on Billie’s Live session. “That one fan when Billie accepts their request to be on her live,” she wrote over the clip and added in the caption, “Best believe I’m napping in my make up if I have to.”

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