Blueface and DJ Akademiks Insult Each Other on Twitter

The drama begins after Blueface tweets, ‘I got way more money then ak why he playing like this,’ seemingly addressing Akademiks tweeting a viral video from an episode of his and Chrisean Rock’s reality show, ‘Crazy In Love’.

AceShowbizBlueface is the latest hip-hop artist who is beefing with DJ Akademiks. The “Thotiana” rapper and the blogger were caught trading shots on Twitter after the emcee name dropped the latter in his post.

On Thursday, January 12, Blueface tweeted, “I got way more money then ak why he playing like this.” It arrived days after Akademiks tweeted a viral video from an episode of Blueface and Chrisean Rock‘s reality show, “Crazy In Love”, in which the femcee hit him in the head with a Hennessy bottle.

On the next day, Blueface informed his fans that there was no bad blood between him and Akademis. “I got no beef with ak guys I just use him for promo at this point if he tell y’all what I got going on I don’t have to say much just respond to him every once Ina while an he gone do his job for me for free [speaking emoji]…W promo,” he penned.

Akademiks later wrote on his own page, “I fw and love Blueface … I want him not to be in abusive relationship and I don’t want his career and reputation ruined. I want him back focused on rap.” Not feeling the YouTuber’s statement, Blueface responded, “Im the EP of my docu-series… Ak I’m bigger then rap I’m past rap stop tryna keep me Ina box cuz yo rap career ain’t take off.”

“I son ak an let him know he a pawn on my chest board now it’s fake care an love I’m to good at the mind games [crying laughing face emoji] thin line between love an hate [blue heart emoji],” Bueface added in a follow-up post.

Firing back, DJ Akademiks shared a photo of one Blueface’s recent head tattoos that caught the attention of 6ix9ine, who seemingly claimed Blueface was in debt. “Please y’all go watch my SON Blueface get knocked out on camera by his girl on her reality show .. so that he can get a lil paycheck to pay his mortgage and finance that cheap a** C8. We don’t want him getting no more tattoos of JEWELERS on the side of his head,” Akademiks noted.

Blueface, on his part, unleased screenshots of his and Akademiks’ respective Spotify monthly listeners. He captioned it, “Ak please stop talking about people music career clearly you don’t have the answers you failed at rap.”

“Good morning Blue. Lol just do better bruh. That’s all. I’m rooting for you,” Akademiks wrote back. “U better than being a stand in stunt double for domestic abuse on a reality show on Zeus. Sorry if I want better for u than u want ur self. That $4.99 subscription shouldn’t have u compromising character.”

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