‘Broody’ Chloe Madeley on having children with husband James Haskell and inviting Harry and Meghan to their second wedding

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When OK! catches up with Chloe Madeley, the fitness star is on her way home to her husband James Haskell and their new puppy Bert after two days apart. “I’m absolutely gagging to get to him for a cuddle – the puppy that is, not James!” she laughs.

The couple welcomed the Red Fox Labrador into their home in Northampton in November, and Chloe says he has slotted seamlessly into their busy lives.

As well as having 800 online clients on her books as a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, Chloe has just released her fourth book, Eating For Results. Packed with 80 delicious recipes, the book allows people to pick and choose meals based on their fitness and physique goals.

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And when it comes to her own physique, Chloe says it’s taken a long time to get to the point where she is content with her body after almost 10 years in the fitness industry. “I’m so happy now. I feel like I’ve come full circle,” she says.

Here, 33-year-old Chloe talks about her changing relationship with her body, sets the record straight on reports she and James, 35, have signed up to OnlyFans, and opens up about starting a family of her own one day…

Your puppy Bert is adorable! Has he made you and James think about starting your own family?

No, I was starting to get broody and then we got him and he’s filled up all my broody space. But there is something about these little things covered in fat that I do love. We’re not not trying, but we’re also not trying. There is absolutely no pressure, but we’re also not doing everything we can to stay safe. Who knows what the next couple of years will bring. If it happened it would be a lovely surprise. I’ve watched that happen to my brothers and I think they’re very lucky, because it doesn’t happen for everyone and it may not happen for me. We’ll see what happens.

You’ve been planning to have a bigger second wedding celebration this year after tying the knot in 2018. Will you invite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex?

Yes, they will be invited, but whether or not they will come is a different question entirely. James and Harry go way back and they’ve stayed in touch. But because so many of our friends have had to reschedule their weddings, James and I felt it would be selfish to tell everybody to book out a weekend for our wedding when we’re already married, so we’re going to stay quiet on that front for at least a year. We were going to do it in Mykonos but now it will likely be the South of France, which is where my parents have a house. We’ll have a big fat party with everyone.

It was reported that you’ve signed up to content subscription service OnlyFans. What did your parents think about that?

They haven’t asked me about it. Maybe I should send them a text and say, “If you read anything about me going into porn, it’s not true!” Some of the rugby boys started doing fitness videos and they asked James and me if we would be interested and we said we’d think about it. The next thing you know, James and I are going into porn, which is not what’s happening at all! But James would happily do it. James will absolutely take his kit off on OnlyFans if it means he’s going to make money. That boy will do anything for some cash flow [laughs]! You couldn’t pay me enough money to do that. I’m already naked enough on Instagram as it is! If I did do it, it would only be from a fitness perspective.

Do you and James ever disagree when it comes to your training or food?

We did at the start of lockdown, when we were in our garage gym and he was getting in the way and taking all my weights. He was basically being a f*****g nuisance, so we had a couple of blow-out rows and realised we needed to train on different schedules. When it comes to diet stuff, James is brilliant when I need to make sure my calories are on track, but then the flip side is that when we’re on holiday, I’m that girl who will go up for her third doughnut and James will be like, “Chloe, you do realise you have just smashed 1,600 calories,” and I’m like, “F**k off – I don’t want to know that! Let me eat my doughnut in peace.” He has the mentality that one is enough.

How do you think your relationship with your body has changed over the years?

When I started doing what I do, I was so body confident and I was definitely not in shape whatsoever. I was that girl who would run around in crop tops and bum shorts and not give a s**t. Then I started this and, somewhere in the middle between falling in love with weight lifting and now, I definitely lost my way a bit. I felt an extreme amount of pressure to always look in great shape, and if I didn’t look shredded with really low body fat then I was s**t at my job, which is completely inaccurate. But I’m so happy now and I feel like I’ve come full circle. I do it because I love training and I love my body. I feel absolutely no pressure to have abs 365 days of the year and I never want to get down to 12% body fat again. I’m in a really good spot, but it’s taken time.

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You’ve said weight lifting helps a lot with your anxiety. Why do you think that is?

It forces you to be present, which is the Holy Grail if you have anxiety. There is also a huge feeling of achievement when you stand up with a heavy weight on your back. It has a ripple effect on the rest of your life, because it shows you that you’re strong and capable. It’s also one of the few things in life where you really see the fruits of your labour. For anyone who has mental health problems like I do, finding an exercise you love can really make a difference. I lift weights four or five times a week.

Congratulations on your new book, Eating for Results!

Thank you! I can’t believe it’s my fourth book. When I released the first one I was like, “F**k, what if no one buys it or gets it?” It’s funny to look back on. It feels like the pressure is off now. I don’t have that much left to prove and I’m really proud of it.

What pushed you to finally create a recipe book?

I was scared initially, because I think people hear “recipe book” and they think of chefs. I prepare three meals a day and I love cooking, but I’m not a chef. My meals very much hit my goals and my audience have performance goals, too. They want to know how to make meals goal appropriate and calorie friendly, and that’s what this book’s about.

Eating For Results by Chloe Madeley is out now, £16.99

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