Call the Midwife’s Judy Parfitt, 86, stuns in glamorous pics from early days as an actress

Judy Parfitt, 86, is an acting veteran and has evidence of her incredible career dating all the way back to when the actress was in her late 20s. The star has found extreme popularity with BBC audiences in her role as Sister Monica Joan on hit series Call the Midwife. 

Now that a few pictures from her early days in showbiz have resurfaced, fans can get an insight into some of the roles Judy played before she took on the role of the iconic nun from Poplar. 

Judy made her film debut in a minor supporting part in the 1961 picture Information Received, before going on to star in the BBC television serial David Copperfield in 1966. 

She has also tackled Shakespeare, appearing as Queen Gertrude in Tony Richardson’s 1969 film adaptation of Hamlet.

The performer earned a BAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 2003 for her performance in Girl with a Pearl Earring, and has also played Vera Donovan in 1995’s Dolores Claiborne – a chilling psychological thriller based on the novel by Stephen King.

While some of these pictures capture many of Judy’s more obscure roles, they do give a glimpse into how the actress began her incredible career spanning more than six decades.

Judy Parfitt has been acting for six decades

These unearthed photos show off some of Judy’s earlier acting work, which dates back as far as 1956.

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Undermind (1965)

One of Judy’s first small TV roles was in science fiction series Undermind and in this photo she can be seen acting opposite British actor Derek Francis.

Public Eye (1966)

Judy Parfitt is pictured here in a scene from the television series Public Eye – But The Jones’s Never Get Letters.

A Drug on the Market (1967)

For this television drama about the discovery of a wonder drug, Judy sported a totally different hairstyle.

Quite An Ordinary Knife (1967)

Here Judy can be seen looking tense as she films scenes for the short-lived TV drama.

Do Me a Favour and Kill Me (1969)

In this series centring around husband and wife Jeff and Faith Wheeler, Judy starred opposite American actor Joseph Cotton.

Vivat! Vivat Regina! (1971)

Here Judy can be seen posing in period costume on 31st March 1971. The actress once starred as Mary Queen of Scots in a production of the Robert Bolt play Vivat! Vivat Regina! at the Piccadilly Theatre in London’s West End.

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