Camilla Parker Bowles's Sassy Wink During Tea With the Trumps Is Going Viral

Another Look at Camilla’s Wink

“Be on your best, royal behavior” is what we’re assuming Camilla Parker Bowles whispered to herself multiple times before meeting with President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump during their state visit to the UK. Buuuuut even British royals can’t resist showing their emotions occasionally, and lucky for us, it was caught on camera. On Monday, a clip of the Duchess of Cornwall subtly winking at cameras went viral, and we can’t stop watching.

After she and Prince Charles posed for photos with the Trumps, Camilla turned toward cameras and let out an iconic wink. We obviously don’t know what her *intentions* were with the wink, but we love a little bit of sass from the duchess. According to The Hill, she was “reportedly winking at British officials who had just met the President and First Lady.”

Prince Charles and Camilla had the Trumps over at Clarence House for high tea on Monday afternoon, but the internet is calling her wink “the best part about this visit so far.” Check out Camilla’s cheeky wink and more from their visit with the Trumps ahead.

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