Cardi B Goes Nude in the Artwork for her New Hip Hop Banger “Press”

Earlier today, Cardi B gave her fans — and probably the press — something that they both might like: a new single and some nude pics in the artwork for that single. Cardi’s new track is a kind of like a primal scream at the way that she is portrayed in the press, which really is not something all that new for the rapper.

The single continues not only Cardi’s apparent musical obsessions with both how she is covered by the media and how she feels generally persecuted. Of course, both of those topics were at the heart of her wildly successful debut album, Invasion of Privacy. But “Press” suggests that she still has more to say on the two topics.

You can check out the official audio for Cardi’s new track as well as some of her provocative photos below.  

(Image sources: Cardi B and Jora Frantzia Instagram accounts)

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