Celine Dion Says She Has Stiff-Person Syndrome, Pushes Back European Tour

Celine Dion is coping with a serious disorder that makes people unable to talk or walk — and as a result, she’s forced to postpone her European tour once again.

The singer was very emotional early Thursday morning as she revealed her diagnosis, telling fans about the extremely rare neurological disorder called stiff-person syndrome.

Celine says it’s the reason she’s been suffering spasms lately, and it’s affected “every aspect of my daily life” — and it’s made it difficult for her to sing at her full ability.

Celine then breaks the tour news to fans … before adding she’s got a team of medical professionals working on getting her back into performance mode, but it hasn’t been easy.

Stiff-person syndrome only affects about one in a million people, and it can cause frequent muscle spasms due to heightened sensitivity to things like touch, emotional distress or noise. It can leave some unable to walk or, in severe cases, speak.

Celine’s concert was set to kick off February in the Czech Republic — but it’s now slated for March 2024, according to her site. A handful of other shows were canceled, too.

As we reported, she originally pushed her tour back in April, telling fans her body wasn’t in tip-top shape. Celine seemed to be fighting back tears in the new video, as she said she “wasn’t ready to say anything before, but I’m ready now.”

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