Chance the Rapper is absolutely disgusted by vegetables, even carrots and celery

Chance the Rapper’s Carpool Karaoke aired last week and it was super cute and fun to watch, like most of those. Chance is getting the most headlines for a segment in which James Corden gave him vegetables to eat while Chance was blindfolded. He got utterly disgusted and I just felt so bad for him! The video above is queued up to that part, although it’s well worth watching from the beginning. I’ve transcribed some of what they say in case you can’t listen at work. The only vegetable Chance eats is lettuce on his burgers!

I read the only greens you eat is lettuce on a burger
That’s so true. I definitely do not eat vegetables.

I’ve got some vegetables in the back and this blindfold
I’m terrified. It does smell like vegetables in here.

[Hands him carrot]
It feels like plastic. I honestly don’t eat vegetables. Is this a carrot. [Takes bite, makes face] Dear God, it’s so f’ing gross.

What do you think that is?
Celery? [takes bite] F’k this. I can still taste the celery.

[Hands him cucumber]
Is this a d-ck? [Takes off blindfold] Seeing them in real life makes me not want to eat them at all.

[From Carpool Karaoke]

My son doesn’t like salad and generally won’t eat it but he will eat cut up vegetables including peppers, carrots, celery and cucumber and so I make that for him. He also likes broccoli, which is genetic in none of us have the gene which makes broccoli taste bitter. This reminds me so much of Anderson Cooper trying spinach for the first time on his show. He got totally disgusted by it. I found that fascinating because you usually see kids doing that, not adults. This makes me wonder if super picky non-vegetable eaters like Chance and Anderson Cooper have a combination of genes that make vegetables taste horrible to them. The articles about it seem to center around those same genes that make cruciferous vegetables taste bitter. There are people who are super tasters and have it so much worse. I hope they’re taking vitamins and fiber and eating the vegetables that they find palatable. Does Chance eat cooked vegetables, like in a stir fry? I have so many questions after watching this.

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Dear Jesus, Thank you. She too fine.

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Dear Jesus, Thank you. She too fine.

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