Charlie Puth Admires That Elton John Was ‘Brutally Honest’ About His 2019 Songs

Charlie Puth is opening up about his friendship with Elton John!

The 30-year-old “Light Switch” singer dished in a recent interview about the legendary musician’s opinion on his 2019 releases, how they’re neighbors and doing a song together.


Elton John is brutally honest about music that I put out in the past,’ Charlie shared with Audacy. “He was like ‘those songs you put out in 2019 were not good.’ And I was like ‘I agree with you. They were not good. I was working with too many people and I was losing myself’… I just admire that he was so brutally honest.”

Songs that Charlie released in 2019 include “I Warned Myself,” “Mother” and “Cheating On You.”

He also dished about being neighbors and making a song together.

“We found out that we are next door neighbors, literally. Like I walked to his house for pizza,” Charlie shared. “We made this song, and he wanted it to be for me, and I was like, ‘I’ll feature here, I’ll do it with you, but I think the world is ready for another Elton John album.’ So I’m the one that told him to make an album.”

Be sure to check out what Charlie said about his upcoming album!

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