Chinese Olympian Zhu Xueying Claims Gold Medal Is Peeling

Chinese Olympics gold medalist Zhu Xueying‘s new hardware is already losing some shine … ’cause the trampoline gymnast says it’s PEELING!!!

The 23-year-old athlete went to social media to show off the alleged damage this week … asking fellow Olympians if they had experienced anything similar with their medals.

“#olympic-medal Was your medal … peeling off like this?” she asked on Weibo.

Zhu says she initially thought the mark was just dirt, but the spot grew bigger and bigger.

FYI — the medals aren’t solid gold … they’re actually made from mostly silver and, for the 2020 Games, reused metals donated by the public … and coated least 6 grams of pure gold.

The Olympic committee ended up sending a response to Zhu … saying the peeling is actually a protective coating and claiming the medal is perfectly fine.

But, if something were to ever happen to a medal, the committee keeps a mold and can always crank out some new ones … for a fee.

Zhu became the second Chinese Olympian to win gold in the trampoline gymnastics event in the 2020 Games in Tokyo … with a score of 56.635.

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