Chloe X Halle Spill on Their Upcoming Album: ‘It’s Darker’

Chloe X Halle are ready to debut their new, mature sound!

The singing sister duo recently spilled on what fans can expect from their upcoming album, Ungodly Hour.

“It’s more grown; it’s sexy, it’s darker,” Halle told Popsugar.

Chloe later added, “We’re not little kids anymore.”

They described their new sound as “edgier, grittier” R&B and played a role in the entire process – from melodies to lyrics and production.

Chloe continued, “I’ll make a beat and Halle will hear some really sick melodies and go on the mic and record them. I’ll lay some melodies down and splice [them] together, and then we do lyrics, but we never force it. It’s much like throwing paint on a wall and seeing what happens, and that’s the beauty of it.”

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