Chris Brown Ignores COVID Regulations & Hosts HUNDREDS For Wild 32nd Birthday House Party – Cops & Neighbors Are PISSED!

The Los Angeles Police Department is not too happy with Chris Brown right now… and neither are his neighbors!

Breezy celebrated his 32nd birthday on Wednesday — which oh-so-coincidentally coincided with Cinco De Mayo, too — by hosting a MASSIVE house party at his crib in the San Fernando Valley community of Tarzana.

The party, which TMZ estimates hosted as many as FIVE HUNDRED people at its peak, raged through all hours of the night and on into Thursday morning. As you might expect, neighbors in the El Lay community were NOT happy with Chris, and by about 2:00 a.m. local time, police arrived to break things up and get people to move along.

Surprisingly, the police had a relatively easy time breaking the whole thing up. According to TMZ, the cops spoke directly with Brown’s security team and informed them how things would go, and from there, everybody left. Video captured at the house in question shows streams of cars and people leaving peacefully; no arrests were made, though cops did issue some parking tickets.

The controversy goes way beyond just one night, though! For one, El Lay officials are furious with the rapper over hosting that many people in a relatively tight space. Sure, the coronavirus pandemic is starting to thankfully wind down with lower numbers in Southern California, but it’s not over yet, and Los Angeles County is still under strict large gathering restrictions!

City councilman Bom Blumenfield, who represents the Tarzana area, released a statement of frustration on Thursday to NBC News echoing exactly those issues:

“As we’ve made so much progress against Covid-19, we still need to do everything possible to get vaccinated, be responsible and make sure that more people don’t get sick. Even before the pandemic, massive house parties like this have been an issue throughout the city, severely disrupting our communities. But the reality is that we’re still in the midst of this pandemic and irresponsible events like this have the power to create more outbreaks and set back the incredible gains made.”

Seriously! We’re SO close on this pandemic, y’all. No time right now to be pulling stupid stunts like this!!!


Here’s more, from CBS Los Angeles (below):


Aside from the COVID angle, though, we honestly can’t even imagine what Breezy’s neighbors have been put through.

Of course, this is far from the first time the cops have shown up at Chris’ pad in the last couple years. For one, the performer literally posted his address publicly on Twitter back in 2019 during a beef with Offset, leading the LAPD to do a welfare check. They’ve been out to break up multiple parties there before, too.

They even raided the place back in 2016, recovering drugs and weapons at the time. That incident involved a scary 12-hour standoff with Chris, as well, though thankfully that ended peacefully.

Those poor neighbors. This guy is the terror of Tarzana. For real!!!

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