Chrissy Teigen Dressed Up As a Hooters Girl for Her Stylist's Birthday Party

There’s no party like a Chrissy Teigen party—even when it’s technically not her party. But, honestly, if I wanted anyone to throw me a bday bash it’d be Chrissy. Duh. She recently shared a few pics of herself dressed up as a Hooters Girl at a Hooters-themed party. She gave her stylist, Alana Van Deraa, a “twenty ate” party. Get, it? Gotta love a punny queen.

“back to my roots. was a hostess at the hoots! the shorts, they have changed!!!!” Chrissy captioned a video of herself wearing the Hooters Girl uniform.

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Some people left funny comments on the video. The Hooters account took it as an opportunity to take their shot and wrote, “Just say the word and you’ve got your job back.” LOL. One person added, “Girl! Did those shorts buy you dinner first? Because they are getting INTIMATE.”

Another person joked, “Yes, apparently they added cake to the menu! 😂🙌.” Chrissy also posted a couple of photos with Luna, showing the balloons and full-on Hooters party decor. She really went all out!

Chrissy captioned a photo of little Luna handing her a teddy bear, writing, “everyone here are like total losers except you guys, you guys seem super cool !!!!”

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The party didn’t just seem amaze because of the aesthetic—the food also looked delish. There were mini champagne bottles filled with orange and white M&Ms. Ofc, there were wings, orange cake, celery, carrots (also technically on theme), and wine for the birthday girl.

Um, Chrissy, you free to plan any more parties in the near future? Just, asking for a friend.

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