Christy Gibel Files For Annulment: I’ve NEVER Had Sex With My Husband!

Little Women: LA star Christy Gibel is totally done with her husband Todd Gibel. In May, Christy received a restraining order against Todd for herself and her daughter Autumn. 

Now, Christy is taking the next step and seeking an annulment from her marriage, and she just might get it, for two major reasons.

Not only is Christy accusing Todd of committing financial fraud, but she also says that in five years of marriage, the couple has never had sex!

According to TMZ, Christy claims that she and Todd never consummated their marriage, which took place in May of 2014.

This is a shocker for Little Women fans, who will remember how Christy and Todd had a whole arc about trying to have a baby together.

Christy’s daughter Autumn even claims in one episode that she overheard the couple getting it on in another room.

But what we see on reality TV isn’t always reality, after all. TMZ‘s sources claim the couple’s struggle to make a baby was “just part of the show.”

Todd insists these claims are untrue and that he and Christy have definitely had sex in their marriage.

Todd did admit it’s been a while since the two had been intimate. We’re not sure how long “a while” is, but it only takes once to consummate a marriage.

So who’s telling the truth? Right now it’s Christy’s word against her husband, daughter, and the TV show that all say the couple did the nasty.

Even if the truth comes to light, the laws pertaining to this issue can be tricky, and of course, they vary by state.

In many states, withholding sex from a partner for a long time could help the other make a case for desertion or abandonment.

This is basically when one person totally checks out of the marriage, and can be grounds for a divorce.

But a divorce is distinct from an annulment, which treats a marriage as though it never existed because of some factor that makes the union invalid.

In California, annulment is only granted for a few reasons: bigamy, underage partners, fraud, forced marriage, or spouses with physical incapacity or an unsound mind.

Could Christy have a shot with those last two?

She would have to show that Todd was either physically or mentally incapable of consummating their marriage.

Not only that, but there typically needs to be an element of deceit.

Christy needs to show that she wasn’t aware of Todd’s issues when she agreed to marry.

She’s in murky water here, but what about the fraud accusations?

TMZ reports that Todd is accused of committing financial fraud against Christy over the course of their marriage. 

Todd allegedly opened credit accounts in Christy’s name, and took out loans in her name without her consent.

Todd chose not to comment on this allegation, saying that it would eventually all come out in court.

Even if the allegations are true, the fraud has to be an essential aspect of the marriage to warrant an annulment. 

A common example would be when a spouse marries their partner just to get a green card (we’re looking at you, 90 Day Fiance).

Committing financial fraud during a marriage is a scummy move, but it’s a bit of a stretch to say the entire marriage is based on a lie because of it. 

No matter how the facts shake out, annulments do have a statute of limitations.

According to California law, Christy would have needed to file for annulment within four years of marriage, or at least within four years of discovering any fraud.

Because the two have been married for five years, Christy’s legal team may have to do some fancy footwork on the courtroom floor.

There’s no telling yet how all this will go down, but we definitely feel that these two need to stay away from each other.

Worst-case scenario, Christy could still file for divorce, but it would lead to more messy legal battles as the courts divide her and Todd’s assets.

We’ll keep you updated on Christy’s great escape from Todd the fraud as the situation develops.

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