Cole Swindell Drops Steamy New Single ‘All Nighter’

Cole Swindell has released a steamy new song titled “All Nighter,” the second song from his upcoming EP, Down Home Sessions V.

The new track was co-written by Swindell, Ashley Gorley, Jon Nite, and Ross Copperman.

The first song off the EP, “Drinkin’ Hours,” was released last month. It was different in tone from “All Nighter,” which is more of a slowed down love song.

“Girl the way you move, you’re setting me on fire. Stars are way up high, yeah, you take me higher. Leaning in real close, like baby, hold me tighter. It’s looking like it’s gon’ be an all nighter,” Swindell sings in th main chorus.

The country music singer and songwriter plans to release the remaining tracks over the next five months; one song each every month. All the tracks will be out by October.

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