Dan Walker amazes fans with ‘fast recovery’ as he plans return to work

Former BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker, 45, has amazed fans with his speedy recovery following his horrific bike crash. The Channel 5 News star posted an optimistic health update in view of his 796,100 Twitter followers today.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star, who was involved in a nasty collision last week, posted a cute pic with his dog Winnie on social media.

While he was still looking a bit worse for wear, the scarring and bruising to the journalist’s face had dramatically improved.

“Took Winnie for a walk and a haircut today,” Dan told his followers.

“She’s much happier than she looks and smells gorgeous,” he added with a laughing emoji.


“Face coming on nicely. Hopefully back in business soon.

“Thanks for all your lovely messages,” the presenter concluded with a heart emoji.

Dan’s followers took to the comments section to congratulate him on his speedy recovery.

Phil wrote: “That’s a fast recovery mate. Nice. Hope you’re doing well.”

While ITV’s Sally Biddulph commented: “You look so much better Dan. So good to see xx.”

“Good to see you are recovering Dan,” added Paul.

Ed penned: “Dan! You’re back again! Good to see you looking much much better. All the best.”

“Winnie looks beautiful and you are looking a lot better. Take time to rest up before heading back to the day job,” added Jo.

Dan is continuing to spend some time off from Channel 5 News as he heels from his accident, which took place last Monday at a Sheffield roundabout.

In a lengthy column with The Sunday Times, Dan opened up about the terrifying crash one week on.

He spoke about how it had been a normal Monday that suddenly resulted in a painful accident, detailing everything he remembered before his memory went blank.

“There are four lanes on ‘the Waitrose roundabout’,” he said. “If the left-hand lane is lane one, I positioned myself where I normally go, on the left-hand side of lane three, one of the two lanes that enables you to turn right.

“I looked to my right and waited for a gap. I saw a gap, so I set off. And that is the last thing that I remember.”

Dan then recalled how he woke up seeing green – only to realise he was being seen by two paramedics.

He continued: “I could see myself watching the black screen and I looked as if a tiny white hole appeared in the middle of it and slowly got bigger until I could see two faces looking down on me.”

Dan, who joined Channel 5 last year after leaving BBC Breakfast, hopes to return to work as soon as possible.

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