David Tennant And Wife Georgia Moffett Are Expecting Their Fifth Child

Seen above pulling the faces most people would pull after finding out they are expecting their fifth baby are actors David Tennant and Georgia Moffett. Prolific actor and sperm donor David announced/sheepishly admitted on The Late Late Show With James Corden that he blew his Scottish bagpipe into his wife and she is pregnant. Again. With their fifth child. Are Whovians as obsessed with their leaders as the Cumberbitches are? My guess is… “maybe“? In any case, Whovians the world over are possibly crying their eyes out today over the news that David has once again cried out “Dr. Who’s your daddy?” and busted a very fertile nut to produce Baby Tennant #5.

David was a guest, along with Elizabeth Banks, on The Late Late Show last night when James outed Georgia for having a non-rent paying Tennant in her womb. David, 48, and Georgia, 34 already have four kids ranging in age from 17 to 4 with perfect English sounding old person names: Ty (17, Georgia’s son whom David adopted as a child), Olive (8), Wilfred (6) and Doris (4). David said that their eldest son is now trying to give his parents a lesson in birth control. Um, a little too late, and totally unnecessary, Ty. Don’t you know that your dad can just jump into the TARDIS and go back in time if he wants a take back on the five kids thing?

“What’s really weird about it is we’re now getting lectures on birth control from our 17-year-old son. And that’s definitely meant to be the other way around.

“He’s like, ‘Come on, do I need to teach you the basics?’ It’s mental, five is a lot.”

Five is a lot, especially coming out of one host body, unlike the Hugh Grant child army (which is using multiple concurrent host wombs) or the Kanye-Kartrashian kid klan (using robots and/or surrogates… who really knows?), Georgia is brewing all these kids in her own body. That is no small business.

Maybe instead of being heartbroken, Whovians are beyond excited because Georgia, the daughter of the fifth Doctor Who actor Peter Davison, and David met on the set of Doctor Who in an episode where she played his daughter. So David and Georgia solidifying their love with yet another offspring is just squeezing more glue onto the Whovians’ ultimate Doctor Who ship. Devastated or elated, the Whovians? I don’t know how these things work.

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