Davina McCall films herself dripping with sweat

Davina McCall is known for her love of fitness and posting endless pictures of her abs, but she's admitted she's been slacking a bit lately.

The TV presenter, 52, took to Instagram on Tuesday to reveal the aftermath of her workout, showing how she was dripping with sweat.

In the clip, which is just a few seconds long, Davina pans the camera down to her belly which was glistening.

She said: "The tip of my ponytail is wet from sweat from my back."

The mum-of-three explained that she'd just gone for a run after letting her healthy lifestyle slip while on holiday in Florida.

Davina captioned the post: "Ok… so my healthy eating has gone out of the window… I seem to be constantly eating … every meal contains chips in some form and I’m eating me own weight in buttery popcorn everyday.

"It’s day three and I was feeling sick so I did some exercise.

"And you’ll never guess.. not only do I feel better but I feel like it will make me want to eat better today

"I’ll report back later on that."

She finished by saying she was off to do workouts on her arms and some sit ups before enjoying another day at a theme park in Orlando.

Her post was full of encouraging comments from her followers.

One posted: "Well, all that said, you still look amazing, a short fall from the wagon but straight back on again. You're an inspiration!"

"Looking fantastic even though you may not feel it!" another commented,

A third agreed: "You're on holiday!!!Time to unwind hit the gym again when you get home just have an amazing time."

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