Did the Duchess of Sussex write a letter to King Charles III? Eh.

There’s this self-styled “royal reporter” named Neil Sean. From what I’ve seen, he’s just a YouTuber who talks sh-t about the Sussexes? He’s getting quoted with more regularity in various royal coverage, and he apparently does some on-air commentary for outlets like Fox News. My point is that I seriously doubt he has any sources and I doubt he’s even getting briefed by any palace. But this dude is making a ton of news this week by claiming that the Duchess of Sussex sent King Charles III a letter.

The Duchess of Sussex has alleged to have requested a “one-to-one” meeting with King Charles III in an effort to “clear the air”, a royal reporter has alleged. Entertainment and Royal reporter Neil Sean, who has appeared on NBC News, MSNBC & Access Hollywood, claimed a “very good source” told him Meghan’s request was put into a formal letter.

“She’d now like (to), before they return back to California, to have a one-to-one audience with King Charles III,” Mr Sean said in a video posted on YouTube. “That’s right, Meghan one-to-one with King Charles III. You heard correct. And what’s interesting here is. According to that good source, this was made in a formal letter, this is how you write to the King. Now you have to admire Meghan’s self belief, whatever you think.”

Mr Sean said the letter would be “an opportunity to clear the air, put the rights from wrongs and explain some of the rationale behind what they’ve been doing over the last two years”.

“Truthfully we have no idea if this is going to go forward,” he said. “It’s a very brave move from Meghan herself.”

[From Sky News]

Let’s say that this is true, or part of it is true. First thing, if I was in Meghan’s shoes, I would also want a paper trail. She’s clearly been creating a paper trail with these f–king people for years, much to everyone’s dismay. She has receipts, she’s creating and keeping a written record of everything. Secondly, I imagine she expressed her condolences to King Charles III in writing too, probably as a simple, handwritten note. That could be what this is. Thirdly, it’s been clear since 2017 that the entire family has tried to cut her out of everything. She wasn’t allowed to go to Balmoral with Harry, she wasn’t allowed to go to the Sandringham Summit, she knows that the family will do anything to “force” Harry to leave her. So, yes, I could see Meghan – out of frustration more than anything else – offering to speak to Charles directly about these issues. Considering Charles’s first acts as king were to ban her from Balmoral and smear her in the British media, I would say that Charles should probably speak to his daughter-in-law directly.

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