DJ Khaled Wants To Sue Billboard Because His Album Wasn't #1

DJ Khaled seems to be aiming for Most Entitled Shit Bag Of The Year because he’s allegedly planning a huge lawsuit against Billboard because of their charting system. You see DJ Khlaed is fuming over the unfair business practices of the chart which allows people to essentially “buy” their way to a number 1 album or single. He’s mad about it because it didn’t work for him! Khaled is saying his numbers were fudged by Billboard and he’s threatening to come for them in court.

Page Six is reporting that DJ Khaled took time out of his busy schedule of appearing in the background of music videos and shouting: “D-J-Khaled!” at the beginning of songs to sue Billboard because they were mean to him. Here’s the story, and if you feel bad for Khaled after hearing it, chances are: You’re a Trump.

So DJ Khaled released an album called Father of Asahd which debuted at #2. He came in second to Tyler, The Creator who released IGOR. So here’s the thing, artists are allowed to sell “bundle deals” where you sell an album along with some merchandise (See: Miley Cyrus‘ 20$ condoms). So DJ Khaled and Tyler both did this–Tyler had like posters and sweaters and whatever.

So Billboard did not end up counting DJ Khaled’s bundles. Originally they said they would, but Billboard found some “anomalies” in Khaled’s numbers–Khaled’s bundle was a discount with the purchase of an energy drink. Which makes me think that Billboard thought that Khaled was buying his own drinks to boost his numbers, because what was the anomaly otherwise? They disqualified his bundle numbers which sources say were more than 100,000.

Page Six has learned that lawyers for Khaled have sent a letter to Silvio Pietroluongo, the Senior Vice President of charts and data development at Billboard, saying how mad they are and that they plan on doing something about it. A source says:

“When Khaled’s team tried to appeal, Billboard refused to budge.”

A few days ago Khaled was in a “tense meeting” with Sylvia Rhone, the CEO of Epic records, about this very thing. The source says that the meeting was because:

“Khaled was frustrated his label didn’t fight harder for his bundle sales to be included.”

Billboard had a source talk to Page Six also, and they–first of all–dispute that it was 100,000 energy drinks sold, so hold your horses there, sir–and secondly, they say they only disqualified them because “there were strange anomalies in the data”. They aren’t out to get Khaled and the source says they only came to the decision after a careful process and talks with Khaled’s team, Sony Records and Nielsen. But DJ may have successfully ended this bundle bullshit once and for all for the rest of the grifting mega-artists out there, as Billboard announced that now they have “reviewed” their rules about bundling albums with merch and a new policy is coming in 2020.

Both Billboard and Khaled didn’t comment to Page Six.

I mean, this is just the epitome of trash. A dude who benefits from a scam job loophole that only helps privileged people is mad because of the singular moment when it doesn’t benefit him? Okay, but maybe if he bundled eating pussy up with a DJ Khaled album his wife would get some satisfaction for once?


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