El Chapo Denied Request for Outdoors Time and Earplugs in Prison

El Chapo wants to feel the sunshine during the day and some peace and quiet at night — but a judge is shooting him down at every turn … ’cause it’s just too damn risky.

The former Mexican cartel kingpin recently filed a motion requesting at least 2 hours of outdoors recreation time per week while he’s held in custody at a federal prison in New York, plus access to the general pop commissary so he can buy goodies.

Chapo was also looking to get access to some earplugs so he could sleep easy at night and get rid of ear pain he says he’s been experiencing in the joint. 

Well, a judge didn’t bite on any of it, and his reasoning is pretty damning. First, the court says Chapo’s request for outdoors time is a nonstarter (he’s currently being held under strict restrictions) because the U.S. government’s worried he’ll try to escape again.

The judge cites his previous two escapes, and says there’s no way in hell they’re letting him catch some sunshine under their watch. Moreover, the judge points to the fact that Chapo has been very well-behaved while in custody … but says that’s not a reason to give him rec time. If anything, the judge says the restrictions have only helped encourage good behavior.

Translation … you’re staying inside, buddy.

Lastly, the judge says Chapo ain’t getting his hands on anything from the commissary ’cause the items can be easily weaponized. He won’t get any earplugs either due to a safety concern — namely, not hearing guards during an emergency, directly or indirectly.

Back to the drawing board.

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