Elsa Hosk Gets Candid About Birthing Experience: It’s the Worst Pain, Fear and Darkness

In a six-part essay about her tough journey to motherhood, the Swedish supermodel also opens up about the moment she was ‘overwhelmed with love, proudness, happiness.’

AceShowbiz -Swedish supermodel Elsa Hosk endured the “worst pain, fear and darkness” she has ever felt as she gave birth to her first child.

The beauty welcomed daughter Tuulikki Joan with her partner, Tom Daly, last week, ends February 12, but in a six-part essay on her birthing experience, the new mum admits it was a tough journey to motherhood.

In a series of posts on Instagram, Elsa wrote: “It’s the worst pain, fear and darkness I’ve ever experienced in those moments. I feel like an animal. I have given up every sense of what you’re supposed to look like, what anyone would think of me, what was normal many, many hours ago.”

She went on to open up about the emotional moment which occurred when her daughter finally entered the world.

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She recalled: “With the biggest, most extended push, and a sound and sensation that I’ve never felt or made in life – the whole head came out.

“I’m so relieved, I’ve never felt more relieved. I feel like it’s over. Then her body with another big push.

“And she is put on my chest. All bloody and fluids are everywhere and she is pooping all over me, and she is looking for my nipple. And the most pain I’ve ever felt is forgotten, I am overwhelmed with love, proudness, happiness (sic).”

Reflecting on the complete contrast in the moments before and after birth, Elsa added, “She is here. I talk to her. I tell her I’m so proud of her. Her mom has been through war and yet she is so chill, her heart rate so stable. She had arrived with the sun at 7am, and the room shifted from what felt like a horror movie darkness into a light sun filled dream.

“On the morning she is born, all the planets are in her sign, my super Aquarius baby (sic).”

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