Elton John Dresses Up As Elvis To Perform ‘Crocodile Rock’ On TikTok

Elton John recently took to TikTok to share a Halloween-themed video of the icon and his family singing along to his classic song “Crocodile Rock.”

In the video, Elton is seen playing piano dressed as Elvis Presley in a purple jacket, ruffled white shirt, and black pompadour wig before his husband David Furnish and their two sons pop up for the infectious “Laaaa la la la la la” part of the song.

Furnish is dressed in Elton’s iconic baseball uniform from his 1975 Dodgers Stadium shows, while their two sons are wearing adorable crocodile costumes.

“Crocodile Rockin’ is something shocking… Happy Halloween!” Elton captioned the clip, which also features spiders, cobwebs, skulls and lots of other Halloween decorations.

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