Ester Dee cheekily admits ‘bedroom exercise’ with boyfriend Glynn is how she ‘stays in shape’

Ester Dee has shared how she keeps fit, cheekily admitting it's down to "bedroom exercise."

In a candid chat with OK!, the stunning Real Housewives star opened up on her diet and fitness and said she "works out a lot" while with boyfriend Glynn.

Ester told us: "When I'm with Mr D, it is the bedroom exercise because when we see each other we can't leave each other alone."

She playfully added: "When I'm with him there's plenty of exercise."

Ester and Glynn's romance has gone from strength to strength since they first confirmed their relationship.

In their romantic life, Ester previously explained to OK! that she and Glynn love to have long conversations about all sorts of topics.

“We can talk for hours and we go into each other’s brains very easily. He’s very intelligent and I like to hear more, so we have lots of intellectual talks, about politics, and we also discuss life,” the star said.

She added: “When we’re together we like to go to beach clubs and parties, but because of lockdown we’ve been cooking at home and watching TV.

“We like boats too, so we would spend a day on the boat and having a little walk, or we’d have a massage together when lockdown isn’t happening.”

As well as the bedroom workouts, the 35 year old mum-of-one shared that she does intermittent fasting.

"If you cut out little bits and watch what you do eat with your diet I think it's easy to maintain your figure," the reality star said.

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She continued: "Sometimes we get depressed and reach for chocolate, I know I do. But if you're happy, don't listen to anyone and what they think about your figure."

Ester also opened up to OK! about her departure from Real Housewives of Cheshire, admitting she's looking forward to spending more time with her parter Glynn and daughter Pearl.

She explained: "When it came down to the practicalities with filming we had a good old chat with the production and they said 'Ester we wouldn't want you travelling anywhere for a minimum of four months.'

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"We made a joint decision that for this season we probably leave it and we talk and if anything changes then we can discuss that.

"In actual fact it means it helps with my duties of being a good girlfriend and a good mum."

Despite leaving the show, which she's been on since 2017, the RHOC favourite admitted she hasn't fully closed the door.

"I am quite outspoken and bring the bombshells to the show, so I think production will be ok with me coming back to the show. You never know what is going to happen. Me and Glynn might move to Cheshire, or Monaco or somewhere in the world so who knows what will happen," she shared.

Ester is now throwing her focus on her business ventures and spending quality time with her closest family.

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