Ex-Coronation Street star Sean Ward escorted away by police at anti-vax protest

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Ex-Coronation Street actor Sean Ward, 33, was seen being led away by police from an anti-vaxxers’ protest in London yesterday. The star, who played Callum Logan in the ITV drama for 11 months, was dressed plainly in a white t-shirt and black trousers as he looked at the ground while being led away.

Kids don’t need an experimental jab, prove us wrong

Sean Ward

The actor had his hands cuffed behind his back as he was flanked by two policemen who were escorting him away.

The police officer to the star’s right was pictured gripping a brown bag as she escorted the former Corrie actor away from the scene.

Footage of the moment Sean was apprehended was also captured by the public and posted on social media.

The Metropolitan Police has said that it doesn’t comment on individual arrests and it isn’t known why he was detained by officers.

The snap of Sean being led away comes after he posted a story to his Instagram profile for his 180,000 followers to see.

The actor shared a clip of himself standing at the top of stairs near the entrance to Canary Wharf station as people were walking towards him.

He wrote over the clip: “Kids don’t need an experimental jab, prove us wrong.”

In a second clip, Sean said: “So we are at the MHRA building. We’ve got two people inside the building.”

“This is Ellie, she’s vaccine injured, she wants to tell her story to the MHRA. Will they listen? We’ll find out,” he added while pointing his camera towards a woman.

Continuing his update, Sean said: “The police have fully blocked the doors, won’t let anyone in.”

He added: “MHRA, we want some answers.”

Sean had also posted snaps detailing information about the protests on his Instagram.

One picture simply read: “Canary Wharf Underground station will be the first meeting point

“Be ready.”

“All black, no banners, no megaphones”.

“Bring a sandwich. We might be there a while,” he added in the caption.

It is not suggested he was involved in any violence.

Yesterday’s anti-vaxxer protests saw four policemen hurt as the group made their way across the capital.

Starting in Canary Wharf, the protestors first attempted to storm the building where the coronavirus jabs are approved.

Addressing the clash between protestors and police, Scotland Yard tweeted: “A number of protesters have become violent towards police… This is unacceptable.”

Officers arrested 10 people in connection with the protests.

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